At KOR Strategies, our expertise covers marketing strategy across the lifecycle, incorporating all types of qualitative research. We can conduct studies as small as 10 telephone interviews to as large as national, global, multi-target studies utilizing a wide variety of qualitative approaches. We customize research solutions based on your unique business objectives and challenges.

In-Person Qualitative

In many instances, the most effective way to gather valuable insight from your customers is through in-person interviews. In fact, we thrive most when we are engaging with your key customers in this environment, face to face.

KOR Strategies utilizes a variety of proven methods, including in-depth interviews, focus groups, workshops and more. As trained qualitative researchers and experienced moderators, we use various projective techniques and creative exercises to dig below the surface and uncover the insights that are valuable to your business.

Our experienced moderators get the most out of traditional qualitative research utilizing a suite of effective techniques. We have top-notch recruiting and logistical support to ensure we get the best respondents to participate at central location facilities.

  • Provides respondents with the opportunity to physically interact with products, devices or other research materials.
  • Depth of interaction and information exchange tends to be superior to other methodological options.
  • Opportunity for the team to be physically together at research to brainstorm or evolve the materials or approach during the research process.
  • Flexible approach supports ‘on the fly’ research instrument changes and spontaneous queries and responses

  • One on one in-depth interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Mini-groups

Online Qualitative

For studies requiring a broader geographical scope or ongoing panel research, online or remote qualitative research is a practical option. KOR Strategies utilizes the most cutting-edge technologies and solutions such as webcam focus groups, in-depth online interviews, chat groups, online communities and more. We offer expert support for a seamless experience and customized approaches to suit your precise needs.

We have expert tech support for a seamless experience for the respondents and client viewers. Expert KOR moderators and strategists actively monitor and conduct the research and are available to respond to client questions and add further probes in real time. Our qualitative techniques are adapted and optimized for the online setting.

  • Provides broad geographic scope and representation
  • Cost effective and reduces travel and out of office time for clients
  • Reaches respondents who may be less likely or able to come to a central facility
  • Ability to conduct iterative research under tight timelines such as campaign development or optimization
  • Valuable when research with an ongoing panel is needed such as with tracking studies or the user of online communities

  • Webcam Focus Groups
  • Webcam In-depth Interviews
  • Bulletin Board/Online Chat Groups
  • Online Communities


Many times the most valuable information can be gathered by observing people in their own environment. Using tools, such as video diaries, online journaling, immersive interviews or traditional at-home observation, we can capture the raw and in–the-moment perspective to uncover emotional triggers, pain points, unmet needs and real decision factors. We have the experience to collect and understand the raw data and the expertise to turn it into actionable insights.

We conduct traditional ethnographic research where we observe and interact with respondents in their real-life environment. Either in-person or using digital technologies, we can capture respondents in their own environment and understand emotional triggers, pain points, unmet needs, and decision factors. Especially helpful for inputs to customer journeys at the point of decision, conducting unmet needs assessment, customer segment portraits, prescribing decision-making projects and other research where the in-the-moment perspective is needed.

  • Provides opportunity to observe respondents in their own environment
  • Ability to deliver detailed representation of respondents’ attitudes and behaviors
  • Captures behavior within the context of everyday life
  • Helps to identify discrepancies between what people say they do and what they actually do, and provides unique insights into conscious and subconscious behaviors and drivers

  • At-home Observation
  • At-home Immersive Interviews
  • Video Diaries
  • Online Journaling

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